1. JINGURU is your go-to destination for a comprehensive database of short audio clips. Be it music, speech, quotes, or generic sounds from all over, the one rule that governs this site is - KEEP IT SHORT AND SWEET!

2. JINGURU is not a streaming service for original content but serves as an audio gateway, for association and cross-referencing purposes, providing information for users to direct them to the source.

3. This little project was borne out of the need to redefine the word 'epic'. What makes a song/sound/saying epic? From our point of view, IMPACT is the key and here at JINGURU we strive to define and catalogue those epic tracks that have impacted our lives!

4. We're only little - but we have big ambitions. As we grow our catalogue both through conventional sources and through social sharing, we aim to be the guys on the tip of your tongue when it comes to audio-association! Join us on our sound-bite journey!